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Jerusalem Restaurant has been pioneering Arabian cuisine in Ireland since 2009. We offer an array of speciality Middle Eastern dishes made from scratch that you won’t find anywhere else! The specialities include; Bamya, Mansaf, Makloubeh, Loubiye, and much more. We also boast a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options which are highlighted in our menu. Our Chefs have over 2 decades experience, bringing a taste of their homeland and sharing it with Dublin. We only use the freshest ingredients and source everything from veg, meat and supplies locally. We specialise in Lunch, Dinner and takeaway but we also offer catering services for occasions.


Our Menus


Halloumi cheese fried in butter and oregano, served with tomatoes.
Pureed chickpeas, tahini sauce and lemon.
Seasoned minced spring lamb on Lebanese bread.


Falafel corquettes, served with hummus, salad, pickles, mixed olives.
Diced lamb with slow cooked rice, dried lime, whole cloves, coriander, dressed with nuts and served with Jerusalem sauce.
Chicken, lamb, kofta, served with hummus, salad, and sauces.


Pancakes stuffed with nuts, coconut & cinnamon, lightly pan fried and drizzled with a sweet rose syrup.
Cream cheese topped with vermicelli and a drizzle of rose water.
Banoffee & vanilla ice cream, topped with biscuits served with a shot of espresso.


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