About Us

Welcome to Jerusalem, home of the finest Lebanese and Palestinian cuisine in Dublin!

We have been pioneering Arabian cuisine in Ireland since 2009 and are based in the heart of Dublin on vibrant Camden street.

Offering a wide array of ethnically authentic Arabian cuisine we serve all the classic favourites such as Hummus, Falafel and Arayess but also serve some traditional dishes with our own twist that you won't find anywhere else such as Mansaf, Kabseh and Fassouliya.

The decor in our restaurant is designed to make you feel like you've just been transported to a little Jerusalem, we set the ambiance right by playing traditional music, adjusting the lighting and lighting cozy candles during the evening.

Whether it's birthdays, confirmations, graduations, Christmas parties or weddings, we've catered for all kinds of special occasions! we're very flexible and can give you exactly what you need. Just give us a call and ask for Nash and he will see to your needs. We are well respected and known in the industry and regularly cater to embassies, birthdays, graduations, weddings and other private events.

We're proud to be an Irish business that is bringing together Irish and Arabian culture and we believe that understanding and supporting our local charities and NGO's such as the Irish human rights activists at the IPSC and the Human Appeal group is very important. We have more recently also been supporting other local charities such as Swrve. We believe it's very important to give a little back to our community as Irish citizens and would like to be the bridge between understanding our cultures and bringing a little taste of Jerusalem to Dublin.

We hope to welcome you in our restaurant soon!


Opening hours
  • Monday12PM–12AM
  • Tuesday12PM–12AM
  • Wednesday12PM–12AM
  • Thursday12PM–12AM
  • Friday12PM–12AM
  • Saturday12PM–12AM
  • Sunday1PM–12AM